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Talent Replacement

Human resourcesAlthough, most of the time, we’re helping companies ensure continuity of their business by lining up strong successors, not everything can be foreseen and sometimes clients find themselves with an unplanned vacancy. For those times when a company finds it has an immediate hiring need, we have re-engineered the executive search model so that clients now have a far more flexible solution that enables them to use only those parts of the search process that they require.

We offer a research-based solution that is designed to support a client’s internal talent acquisition capability, providing additional resource where needed for the generation of market mapping or candidate long-lists but also offering the ability, for example, for a client to gauge a candidate’s level of interest without revealing their identity.

Succession Research can also provide a full executive search service from the initial search strategy through to the presentation of the short list. Unlike many research companies, we are fully experienced in face to face interviewing and ensuring that all presented candidates are wholly motivated to engage in the process.

Our flexible approach extends to the way we charge, which reflects the work involved rather than a fee arbitrarily based on a percentage of salary. This results in significant savings on the traditional search model.

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