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Talent Pipelining

The process used in succession planning can also be applied to situations where a company knows it will require a range of candidates with a particular skill set or functional experience. Talent pipelines are a highly cost-effective way of accessing in-demand top talent for business-critical roles. By identifying the right people before they are needed, our clients are able to improve speed-to-hire as well as make significant cost savings.

By identifying and engaging with talent proactively, Succession Research builds pipelines against specific positions (particularly where there may be multiple hires around the world) as well as against more generic job functions or ‘job families’ on a local, regional or global basis.

Talent Pipelining is also an effective tool for identifying potential diversity candidates for a variety of roles.

Case Study

Please review our Talent Pipelining case study to see how some of our clients have used talent pipelines.