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Succession Planning

Most companies now realise the importance of being prepared for change among their leadership team and have identified individuals within their businesses who can step into senior roles when this change occurs.

But what happens when the succession pool lacks depth or there simply isn’t the talent available internally to seize the leadership baton?

Many organisations faced with this dilemma wait for the position to become vacant and then turn to a search firm to try and fill it. This takes time and can put a company in a vulnerable position – rudderless and potentially handing an initiative to their competitors.

Succession Research helps global clients to mitigate against the risk of having senior roles lying vacant by identifying talent in the external marketplace – talent that is ready and willing to discuss such leadership opportunities should they arise.  By reaching out and engaging with top talent within the industry on this basis we can build a strong ‘executive bench’ for our clients, giving them security against any planned and unplanned vacancies that may occur on their leadership team.

Case Study

Please review our Succession Planning case study to see how some of our clients have used our services.