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Clients & Case Studies

The nature of the work undertaken by Succession Research often makes client confidentiality essential; we are, however, privileged to work with some of the leading brand names in the world. These companies choose to partner with us not only because of the quality of our work but also because of our values which are based around integrity and putting the customer first.

Succession Research works with only one client in any industry sector, allowing us to build a wholly collaborative partnership that is free of any off-limits issues or other conflicts of interest.

Succession Planning

The challenge: A global consumer goods company recognised that several of its Regional EVPs were approaching retirement age. The internal succession pool was shallow, with few internal candidates possessing sufficient experience to take on these senior leadership positions.

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Talent Pipelining

The challenge: A major global manufacturing company decided to consolidate its entire supply chain organisation and move it to China from other sites scattered around the world.

This decision was taken in the knowledge that not all of their existing supply chain workforce would be able to relocate to China – but it was impossible to know where the talent gaps would appear in advance of the move.

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Talent Intelligence (Diversity)

The challenge: A multi-national manufacturing company realised that their executive leadership team lacked diversity, being made up wholly of males who had worked their way up through the industry. They were also all nationals of the country where the company’s HQ was based.

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Talent Intelligence (New Markets)

The challenge: Our client was looking to set up a substantial operation in a relatively underdeveloped country where it had no previous presence. There was a strong desire to have a country leadership team made up largely of locals but there was evidently little available local talent of sufficient calibre to take on such roles.

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