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Case study:

Talent Intelligence (New Markets)

The challenge:

Our client was looking to set up a substantial operation in a relatively underdeveloped country where it had no previous presence. There was a strong desire to have a country leadership team made up largely of locals but there was evidently little available local talent of sufficient calibre to take on such roles.

The solution:

We undertook a project to identify and approach indigenous individuals who had left home either to continue their education abroad or to take up employment in more developed countries. Our candidates had to have achieved an agreed level of competency (in this case, MBA qualified) but we were less concerned about their particular discipline or function as we were on their level of interest in returning to their home country and being part of our client’s leadership induction program.

The outcome:

At the end of six months, our client had a robust pipeline of highly qualified and experienced indigenous candidates across a range of functions, all of whom had expressed an interest in returning home. They were able to make employment offers to those who were most relevant to the immediate requirements and maintain contact with others with potential for subsequent needs.

They paid no additional fees for any of the hires that were made, representing a significant cost saving when compared to what it would have cost to run separate recruitment campaigns for each and every vacancy.

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