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Case Study:

Succession Planning

The challenge:

A global consumer goods company recognised that several of its Regional EVPs were approaching retirement age. The internal succession pool was shallow, with few internal candidates possessing sufficient experience to take on these senior leadership positions.

The solution:

We combed the external market, identifying individuals with the necessary skills and experience in relevant sectors who could step into one of these Regional roles.

Having reviewed the initial market mapping with our client, we then engaged with agreed individuals to assess not only their suitability but, more importantly, how receptive they might be to an approach relating to such a leadership role when the time was right.

The outcome:

The client was now in possession of actionable intelligence about the external talent market and, prior to any of the roles actually becoming vacant, was able to reach out to specific individuals in the knowledge that their approach would be warmly received.

Armed with the data we had provided on aspects such as the candidates’ career aspirations, their motivations, their global mobility and their salary expectations, they were also able to position the relevant opportunity in a way that the candidate would find highly attractive.

As a result of this effective succession planning, our client was able to hire three exceptional candidates with no loss of business continuity and significant cost savings when compared to what it would have spent on executive search fees for each role.

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